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Giving You the Tools for Business Success

For many business owners, operating a business without a dedicated place to work and meet clients is extremely difficult. For that reason, the MEED Center created the Business Incubation Program!

The Business Incubation Program gives you the tools you need for success. This includes, but is not limited to, access to an office space, meeting area, phone system, printer, phone, chair, desk, and power.

You will also have access to our FREE business counseling and will have the MEED Center at your disposal to help your business succeed professionally.

In previous years we have helped restaurants, catering businesses, nonprofits, staffing agencies, and many more grow their business. Will you be next?

Currently our online application term has ended, however you may contact us directly to apply for future space.



Our application process ensures that the best quality candidates and businesses will have access to our free services.

The things you will need to submit for our application can be seen below:
1. Income certification (Must qualify or agree to a job creation plan)
2. Application
3. Business plan
4. Release for background check if necessary
5. Agreement to comply with our Drug & Alcohol free workplace

After you submit your application, the Board of Directors will review your file.  After a bit of paperwork, you will be ready to move in!

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In order to qualify for our FREE incubation program, candidates must:

1. Be a low or moderate income individual
2. Have an established business
3. Have accurate business financial documents
4. Have an up-to-date DUNS number (Available for free via phone or online -- Can receive within 5-10 minutes)
5. Be willing to comply with and sign our Drug & Alcohol Free Workplace Agreement
6. Be willing to sign a background check waiver, if necessary
7. Have a valid business plan
8. Be able to attend monthly seminars and business coaching consultations

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